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Only in the movies would a man strolling down a lonely country road in broad daylight encounter one of the bustiest hookers in the world. Try to find a whore as stacked and as sexy as Jana and good luck. This trick trolling for streetwalkers has hit the lottery against all odds. There are a zillion girls named Jana in Europe but he's met the biggest-chested Jana of them all. Of course, Jana could do a lot better as a pay-pal if she set up business on the streetcorner of a big city with lots of horny dudes or in a whorehouse but then she'd have the expense of a room and other costs. Here in this sprawling park, she can let her clients fuck her right on the grass and save money on the room while enjoying the fresh air and peaceful scenery. Jana doesn't even bother with a blanket because her skimpy whore dress is stain resistant. For guys who think about screwing whores with natural, gigantic breasts, thick, meaty thighs and a slappable ass, they get the ultimate with this babe from the movie Stacked Street Sluts 2. Jana expected her glazing in the grass to be over quickly because she finds that most guys get so horny with her, they fire their round fast. But this dicker actually does push-ups with his rod pumping in and out of her, much to Jana's surprise. He knows a good lay when he pays for it.

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