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Heart Of Gold Hooker

Featuring: Kali West
Duration: 13:27 min.
Kali is a hooker with a heart of gold. She spends her time picking up Johns behind a busy mall during the holidays and fucking them for dough that she donates to an orphanage. She is a philanthropic whore of sorts, she uses her pussy for the good of all mankind. She fucks the rich and gives her hard-on earned cash to the poor. Okay, we lied. She doesn't fuck and give away her cash. There are no orphans benefiting from her oral. She is just a hooker who works cock to make a living. We are sorry we tried to pass her off as some do-gooder, when all she is, is a good pussy to do. But you know what? Maybe she doesn't have a heart of gold, but Kali is a hooker and her boots are gold.

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